Sophie Reade

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nuts - Crikey! It's Sophie! (Photoshoot)

Now here it goes : the full photoshoot and this means lot of big boobs. This is the shoot that made me love Sophie Reade and it's serious. The first thing we see when we're about to admire Sophie Reade are her amazing breasts! Round, huge, perky, but one thing that you've to know : she got them re-done. But except those great assets, she sure got one of the prettiest faces I've ever seen. Her innocent look and cute smile sure makes her one of the sexiest models and a real beautiful girl! Enough of talking, now time for those awesome pics of Sophie.

A hot bombshell babe!

Compilation #1

It's always great to do a special compilation but I'll start with a small one... just a couple of her pics being... my favorite. Obviously, these pics are all featuring her topless because I love her big boobs so let's go for it : our big-breasted Sophie in all her glory!